Author Guideline

  1. How to Write the Title, the Name, and the Author’s Address

The title of the manuscript should be written on the top of the first page with the center text alignment. Meanwhile, the author’s name (without academic degree), and the affiliation address of the author, should be written with the center text alignment also under the title of the article. The author should give two line spaces between the title and the author’s name. Then, the space between the author’s affiliation address and the abstract title is one space. The keywords must be written below the overall abstract for all words. Those should be arranged in alphabetical order and be separated by semicolon maximally four words. Moreover, the title of the article that is written in Bahasa Indonesia should be also stated in English either (look at the example above).

The responsible author, the correspondence author, or the corresponding author must be written first and then followed by the second, the third, and so on. The communication regarding the article revision and the final statement will be informed via email to the correspondence author only. If there is more than one author, the author’s names should be written down separatedly by comma (,). If the author’s name consists of at least two words, the first name should not be shorted. If the author’s names are only one word, it should be written as it is. However, in the online version it will be written in two words with the same name repeatedly for the purpose of the metadata indexing. (Camdali and Tunc, 2006; Fridman, 2008).

  1. TheManuscript General Guidelines

The manuscript text general guidelines are as follows:

  1. The manuscript is the authentic activity of dediction community result that has not been published yet in other publication media or publishing houses.
  2. The manuscript does not contain any plagiarism element. The editorial board will directly reject the text that indicates plagiarism.
  3. The submission and the publication processes are free, without any additional fees.
  4. The manuscript online submission can be viewed in the part of online submission guidelines below.
  5. The manuscript which is inappropriate with the Indonesian Tasamuh, Tawassuth, I`tidal, dan Tawazun  Journal writing guidelines will be returned to the author before the reviewing process.
  6. The manuscript should contain several aspects of a scientific article as follows: (subtitles as the order), which are: (a) the title of the article, (b) the author’s name (no academic title), (c) the afiliated author’s address, (d) the author’s email (e) the abstract and the keywords, (f) the introduction, (g) the activity method (h), the result  and disscussion (i), the conclusion (j), the references.
  7. The subtitles included in the discussion part (Introduction, Methods, Result and Discussion, and Conclusion) should be numbered in the Arabic numbering order started from one. The subtitles are written in the bold and title case format. It uses the left text alignment without underline. The next expanded subtitles should be written in the bold and sentence case format, It should uses the left text alignment and the numbering format level two.
  8. The manuscript can be written both in Bahasa Indonesia or English with the standard language. The manuscript should consist of fifteen (15) to twenty (20) pages including pictures and tables. The manuscript text ought to be written as this article template in the camera ready mode. The article is written on A4-sized papers (210x297 mm), with custom margins as follows: left 40 mm, right 30 mm, bottom 30 mm and top 40 mm.
  9. The text of the articles must be in Time New Roman, 11pt font size, 1.5 line-spacing, separated into two columns (except for the main title, the author’s name, and the abstract) with the space between columns 10 mm.
  10. The words from uncommon or foreign languages are stated in Italic format. For the article in Bahasa Indonesia, foreign terms or words should be avoided. Each paragraph started 10 mm from the left side border while there is no spaces among paragraphs. All numbers are written in Arabic numbering format, except for the new sentence.
  11. The tables and pictures are placed in the text group after the referenced tables or pictures. Each picture must be given a caption (Figure Caption) below the picture and be numbered in Arabic numbering format followed by the picture title. Each table must be given a table title (Table Caption) and numbered in Arabic numbering format above the table followed by the table title. The pictures attachment should be guaranteed that they can be printed well (font size, resolution and line space are clearly seen). The picture, the table, and the chart should be placed in the center between text groups. If it has a bigger size, it can be placed in the center of page. The table should not contain vertical lines, while horizontal lines are allowed only for the important point.
  1. TheGuidelines for the Manuscript Body Text

The title of the manuscript: The title should be informative and be written both briefly and clearly. It cannot diverse multi interpretations. It has to be pinpoint with the issues that will be discussed. The beginning word is written in capital case and symmetrically. The article title does not contain any uncommon abbreviation. The main ideas should be written first and followed then by its explanations. The article title should be written within maximally 14 (fourteen) words (in Bahasa Indonesia and in English), 11pt-sized font, with the bold selection and in the center text format,

Abstract (in Arial 11 pt justified in bold)

Abstract in Indonesian and English language, written in Arial 11 pt justified single space. This document describes the essence of the paper and completes a maximum of 200 words covering objectives, methods, results and conclusions.

Keywords: written in alphabetical order is a keyword research

Introduction (Written with Arial 11 pt bold)

Please do provide minute to read these writing instructions to unify and simplify the process of editing the editorial team. The entire article was written using Arial 11 pt justified single space, border right and left in A4 paper format with the right margin, top left and bottom 2.5 cm.

Written paragraphs are not indented to the right but remain aligned left. Substitution paragraph is done by giving a distance of 1 space.

Please write down the background of problems or based on issue, urgency of activity or rationalization of community dedication, this part include of literature review and special analizy of situtation.


Method contains of the way of community dedication did work into event plan, how to choose event , ingridients and tools used, tools design and its work and productivity, tehnique of collecting data and tehnique of data analyze.

If article contains picture, it is put in theb space after related paragraph or explained picture paragraph (used 1 space, 10 pt) with picture information and Arabic number followed by its tittle under the picture. font 10 pt.

The following sentence is written without distance section with the title. If there is a mathematical equation, the equation was made with the equation editor and are numbered according to the order of the existing equation.

Results and Discussion

this part contains the result of community dedication with clear description, followed by table, graphic or picture,  or diagram or chart (if necessary). Discussion part present  data produced result, interpretate the result as logically, relate them with relevan refference, and its immplication.


3.1 Subtitles 1


3.2 Subtitles 2


Pictures should be formatted in JPEG or GIF form and should be accompanied by a scale of comparison to facilitate the reader. If there is a caption, also written in Arial font and are expected to make the position fix (it can not slide-slide) to prevent shifting of image information during the editing process.

Graphed with no line axis and border/frame. The letters and numbers written using 11 pt Arial not bold. The size of the image is made proportional to be seen clearly.

Table created without column lines. The line on line only on the title and the bottom cover.


This is the final part containing conclusions and advices. The conclusions will be the answers of the introductio psrt expectations, and its conclusion of result and discussion part. For additional, next community dedication plan. The advices contain suggestions associated with further ideas from the activity.





All the references that used in the article must be listed in this part. In this part, all the used references must be taken from primary sources (scientific journals and the least number is 80% from all the references) that published in the last ten years. Each article should has at least ten references.

(Written in alphabetical order, by the format below)

For a bibliography of books

Agung, L., A.M. Laksono, J.K. Suhardi & K.I. Prawiro. 2009. Article Title. publisher (if a book). place published. page.

For a list of libraries in the form of a journal

Kawamoto, Y., A.A. Chen & I.J. Yusoka. 2010. Judul article is written with capital letter in the beginning. J. Aqua. (2): 123-133. 

Description: conjunctive and replaced with a &. Writing a journal title with the official abbreviation, such as J. Fish. Sci, Food Chem., J. Fish. Dis.