Notes to Contributors

RETEL Journal

RETEL Journal is a scientific journal of research on teaching and learning English, Indonesian, or other language, language testing, curriculum design development, discourse analysis, and learning linguistics. RETEL Journal is published twice a year in the months of March and October.

Editorial Procedure

    The manuscripts that have been submitted to RETEL Journal are first assessed by the editorial board in terms of purpose, topic, content, presentation style and mechanics of writing.

    The articles sent to the Journal are always reviewed by two members of the Editorial Advisory Board, and in some cases, if necessary, by another member of the Board.

    Depending on the evaluation reports of the members of the Editorial Advisory Board, articles are published or

    Article evaluation process takes approximately three months.

    The authors are responsible for the errors, if any, in their published articles.

    The articles need to be not published elsewhere

Notes for Authors

Contributors submitting their work to RETEL Journal should be informed that:

   RETEL Journal seeks to publish articles from all areas of education. Articles should include quantitative, qualitative research, comprehensive literature reviews, meta-analysis, model proposals and original writings of similar

    The articles need to be not published elsewhere previously. If the article has been presented at any seminar or conference, the name of the conference, the institution where it has been presented and the date of the presentation needs to be mentioned.

   RETEL Journal gives priority to current studies using advanced research and statistical methods and techniques.

    RETEL Journal considers original contribution to the field and competency in methodology the main criterion for

    Authors bear responsibility for the content of the published

    Articles may not be quoted without citing RETEL Journal and the author(s).

    The Journal is written in English. Thus, the articles need to be written in this language.

    The following writing and referencing rules are to be taken into consideration.  

    Once an article is accepted for publication primary author of the article assign to the RETEL Journal the entire copyright in their manuscript; that is, RETEL Journal has a permission to use, disseminate, and reproduce the article when seen necessary.